Author: John Mortensen

Big news for the Aquinas Institute’s 10th Anniversary

When the Aquinas Institute was founded in 2008, we built on a strong foundation. We had a deep background in St. Thomas Aquinas, years of experience translating medieval Latin, and a passion for our mission: to make the texts of

The Plan of the Summa contra gentiles in the Words of Scripture

At the head of each of the four books of the Summa contra gentiles, St. Thomas places a verse from Scripture that expresses his plan for the book. Book I. On God. My mouth shall meditate truth, and my lips

Evangelicals and Aquinas

We were pleased to hear from Scott Corbin about how much he likes his Aquinas Institute Summa volumes—and intrigued, since Scott is a student at a Southern Baptist seminary. We asked Scott to share some thoughts with us about how

Aquinas now available in bilingual eBooks

When we set out to publish the entire Opera Omnia of Aquinas, we were determined to make books that students and teachers would love: readable, durable, beautiful—and yet affordable. And the message from all of you has been loud and

Ecce Rex Tuus—a gift from the Aquinas Institute

The Aquinas Institute would like to give our subscribers and supporters a Christmas gift: Aquinas’s Christmas sermon Ecce Rex Tuus in a fresh translation from the Leonine text by Madison Michieli. To see the Latin text in a parallel column

The online release of Aquinas’s commentary on Isaiah

In the prologue to his commentary on the book of the prophet Isaiah, St. Thomas Aquinas writes: “Now the subject matter of this book is principally the appearing of the Son of God, hence in the Church this book is

A new way to access Aquinas online

Because the Aquinas Institute’s mission is to make the works of Aquinas as widely available as possible, we put all of our bilingual editions online for free. But we don’t just slap texts up: we have put the same care

AMCSS Program reads Aquinas’s Commentary on the Sentences

This past July, the Albertus Magnus Center Summer Program spent two weeks reading the Aquinas Institute’s latest volume, Book IV, Distinctions 1-13 of St. Thomas Aquinas’s Commentary on the Sentences of Peter Lombard. Not many students have had the opportunity to

The Aquinas Institute receives a second grant from the NEH

The Aquinas Institute’s goal is simple: to get all of Aquinas’s works into as many hands as possible. It is a goal both inspiring and intimidating. Visualizing the completed Opera Omnia fires enthusiasm, but surveying and mapping the vast range

Feast day drawing!

The Aquinas Institute is giving away an Opera Omnia set worth over $2,500. The winner will be selected in a random drawing on March 7th. There are THREE ways to enter: 1) Subscribe to our blog (using the Subscribe button