Aquinas now available in bilingual eBooks

When we set out to publish the entire Opera Omnia of Aquinas, we were determined to make books that students and teachers would love: readable, durable, beautiful—and yet affordable. And the message from all of you has been loud and clear: we love these volumes!

But you have sent another, quieter message as well: these books are lovely, but they are big, they are heavy, and we can’t imagine taking them on an airplane. Isn’t there some way to make Aquinas more portable?

We hear you.

Introducing the new Aquinas Institute eBooks. Each eBook matches one of our printed volumes, and if your e-reader permits it you can even see what page of our printed volume you are viewing. Best of all, just like our printed volumes, the eBooks are bilingual. How does that work? See the video below for a demonstration. You can toggle back and forth between Latin and English. In many readers, you can load a Latin dictionary, and then tap and hold on a word to look it up. You can take notes, search, bookmark, and anything else your reader allows. We have combined all the features you expect from an Aquinas Institute volume with all the convenience of your Kindle.

Where can you get Aquinas Institute eBooks? Anywhere you get eBooks: from Amazon, iBooks, Nook, and a host of other providers. Each eBook costs just $5.99. And if you prefer a static PDF to a reflowable eBook, the bilingual layout found in our printed books is also available through Web PDF providers like Microsoft Books for just $12.99.

As of this writing, only the Summa Theologiae is available in eBook form, but more volumes are soon to come. Please send us your feedback! We’re spearheading a new approach to eBooks for the serious student.

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